“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour”

-Wednesday Addams

Hey guys!
My week has been tedious, but I decided not to forget about y’all this time. So this time, I dedicate today’s post to my favourite colour- black.
Some of you might think that black is a boring colour just cos it’s the easiest-to-wear colour, but I actually think it’s the most intriguing colour. Like I can wear black all year and not be worried about a thing. I read about the colour black, you know, all those colourgraphically-speaking-about-you stuffs, mainly cos it’s my best colour and I wondered why I liked it so much. Ever wondered why everything looks so damn good in black? Well I have.

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Black is mysterious. There is a mystery behind the colour black and there’s a level of mystery that it also adds to the person wearing it. Just the way you see a dark corner on the street and you become curious cos you wonder what’s happening there but because of fear of the unknown, you stay away. It radiates a kind of beauty that most times, cannot be ignored. Black is calm. It comes with attitude. It is authority, power, and spells class. It can be a means of hiding from the crowd and people that love this colour most times like solitude; being in your ‘me’ zone. I like being in my ‘me’ zone and I love being around friends. But my ‘me’ zone is a necessity.
Black can represent darkness and evil. Diabolism. But if you grow up believing that witches come in black and red, you won’t recognize them when they come in white and gold, and you’ll let your guard down. Anyway that aside, I’m trying to be positive. Positive vibes only.
DSCF1550 - CopyDSCF1555 - CopyDSCF1549
PS with black comes the attitude, so give it to them.
Please leave a comment. I’ll love to hear from you all.
Thank you.

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  1. Omg girl you rocked that outfit! I really like the amount of thought you put into this post 🙂 I agree that black has been associated with a lot of meanings in the past. We should support each other! <3

    1. Thank you.
      Black is a real nice colour and when I wear it, trust me, there’s no negativity.

      1. Yeah! I totally agree with you. We should follow each other and collab maybe sometime? We both seem to love fashion!

  2. I love black now!!! Not that I used to hate it tho… I just have a soft spot for black now😊

  3. I just love the fact that Black goes with any colour. Any other thing associated with black that I don’t know. Nice post ” just the way you see a dark corner on the street and wonder, you become curious what’s going on there but for the fear of the unknown u decide to stay back” lol so true

    1. Ikr, thanks Barbienara. Lol on the quote, yea it’s so so true, happens to me all the time. Don’t forget to subscribe for more 😉

  4. OMG! I thought I liked black but now I KNOW I love black. It’s such a comfy colour and an easy colour to pull off. You can never go wrong with Black.

    1. Lol
      Glad you all are joining in on the love for black.
      So true.
      Thank you.

  5. The first look is exactly the type of outfit I could wear all days of a year excluding the heels. There’s just this sophistication with black that makes it so lovable. You looked great in the second outfit too.

    1. Awwwnnn..
      Thanks Dammy for checking out my blog. You’re right about the sophistication in black. So true.
      Thank you.

  6. I love the last picture most with you sitting on that pavement. Ideed, black connotes a lot of thing and for those of us who believe in voodoo and such, it would most times seem to connote a bad meaning. You look very beautiful in this outfit however.

    1. Yay!!!!!!
      I love the picture too.
      Thank you.

  7. Black is an attitude! It’s so not boring and I love it. Love the second look, so sleek and the first one is a perfect street style look.

    1. Thank you. I like street style. Funky. *attitude*

  8. Killing it in that outfit, Love it!!!!

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