“Good hygiene enhanced sound well-being”

– Lailah Gifty Akita

Think Great: Be Great



Happy Sunday to you all. Hope you like the new look of my blog. Need your thoughts on it.

Today is quite different because I’m feeling like one health professional now, lol. Anyway, I was in a program on Friday and the speaker talked about how ladies should take good care of themselves. It then occurred to me “why don’t I do something about hygiene and health management?”.

In order to enjoy life we have to be healthy right? I noticed that sometimes we destroy ourselves because of our ignorance. Even in the bible, God said “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. It is also said that if you think education is costly, try ignorance. So every time, we all should be eager to learn. Plus C’mon, we should not just be fashionable but we should be clean and healthy equally 😉 that’s completeness.

Today, I want to share a few things that we do that can damage our system, some of which I also didn’t know at some point in my life until I had to learn. There are more than these but I decided to write on these five

  1. Washing the vagina with soap and douching


Washing the vagina with soap is bad for the health. Don’t use liquids or anything in the vagina.

Douching is the act of intravaginal cleansing using liquid solutions. Douching is done by women for hygienic reasons and for cleansing after sex. This is bad for the female system.

Douching has been associated with many adverse outcomes including pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, infertility, adverse pregnancy conditions and many others. It can remove normal vaginal flora and change the acidity of the vagina, permitting the overgrowth of pathogens which result in diseases.

Some women also use their fingers to cleanse the inside of their vagina. Please don’t. There is nothing to clean so don’t let anyone deceive you. If you want to take care of your vagina, just wash it twice daily with warm water, not hot or more-hot-than-cold water, and avoid dampness there.

  1. Very hot showers and baths


Taking hot showers all the time might feel good. I also like them. But these hot showers can be bad for your skin. They strip the keratinocytes in the epidermis of oil and remove moisture when bathing with soap, leaving your skin dry and irritated. we musn’t have a hot shower all the time.

  1. Too much AC and fan


Air Conditioners feel good, but they dehydrate the face, leaving the face oil and moisture free. Fans also dehydrate. Sometime you leave the fan switched on to the highest and you sleep off and wake up the next morning with your face and throat dry, which can lead to sore throat. I don’t know if it happens to you guys but it happens to me so I stopped sleeping with the fan switched on. I just leave the windows open but if the fan becomes a necessity, I put it on and moisturize my face before sleeping. I also carry a bottle of water to bed so that at intervals, when I wake up, I drink some then go back to sleep. It works for me.

  1. Large doses of vitamin A and herbal supplements


Excessive consumption of vitamin A can cause damage to your liver. Your body might not need extra vitamin A so when much is taken, it can lead to liver toxicity. Some herbal supplements can prevent the liver from working right and can also lead to production of excess enzymes so before you take any, speak to your doctor.

  1. Touching the face regularly


I know it can be a little bit hard to resist the urge to touch our faces with our hands. Trust me, I’m still battling with that habit but it isn’t good for our faces. Especially those of us who are still battling with pimples.

When we touch our faces with our hands, we transfer some bacteria which were on our hands to our faces. These bacteria cause our faces to breakout and result in pimples.  Our hands go to more places than we can imagine and we come in contact with bacteria, that’s why we are advised to always wash our hands before we eat no matter what food it is.

So we all should try our best to stay away from touching our faces with our hands to avoid breakouts. Try to wash your face with antiseptic soaps and if you are the type that doesn’t have a bath in the night before going to sleep, please endeavor to wash your face before sleeping. Thank me later.

Hope y’all learnt a few things from this post. Please leave a comment. Would love to hear your thoughts and more things we do that could affect our health, let’s learn from each other.

Love you :*


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