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Bantu Knots With Natural Hair

I’ve been fussing about Bantu knots since they came back trendy in 2015. I didn’t know how to do it so I Forced my mom to learn how to do it and thank God for my mom. She’s like a jack of many trades and master at many. She decided to try and got it immediately. So I’m here to share her process with you on how to do Bantu knots with Natural hair, while showing you my lovely knot.

How to do bantu knots with natural hair

Bantu Knots on Natural Hair

Bantu knots? Read all about it.

First of all, the size of your bantu knots depend on the density of your hair and size of partings. If you’re using attachments, they would be relatively bigger. Mine are tiny though because I have scantier hair. The bigger your bantu knots are, even with natural hair, the looser yours curls are when you loose the knots (knot-out). So I decided to do tiny ones for tighter curls and I thought a curly afro would look good on me when I do the knot out.
We couldn’t take pictures of the steps but I decided to write them down. Hopefully, you’ll understand.

How To Do Bantu Knots With Natural Hair

Doing bantu knots on natural haiir is not much different from doing it on relaxed hair.


  1. Wash the hair. Try to ensure that your scalp is sparkling. So it looks neat when sectioned/parted.
  2. Use a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner. I used a rinse-out conditioner for mine.
  3. Dry your hair till its damp. Not soaking wet.
  4. Detangle the hair.
  5. Section/part the hair. Choose the shape you want your sections to be. It gives an oomph when the sections are uniform. I decided to go for triangular sections so my mom began parting my hair into triangular sections. You could go for triangles like mine, or pentagonal, diamond, or square sections. You could choose to section the entire hair before doing the knots or you section as you make. Just try to be quick to avoid doing the hair when it has shrunk and is tougher, as natural hair shrinks when wet.
  6. Take a sectioned part and apply moisturizer and if available a curl cream. I didn’t have a curl cream co I didn’t use any. You can decide to add your leave-in conditioner at this point. Add enough moisture to soften your natural hair and make it easy to tame. Comb hair again if necessary.
  7. Roll or twist the hair. Not take it round. It’s just like twisting something with your fingertips.
  8. Holding the base/down side with your finger, wrap or take the hair round and round until it gets to the end.
  9. You can hold with a bobby pin or any pin. I used small black rubber bands to hold.
  10. Do for all sectioned parts

Your Bantu knots are done.

bantu knots triangular partings with natural hair

Don’t worry. You guys are going to be with me through my Bantu knot journey. Read on my next post, about what my knot out looked like (I couldn’t wait to see it myself).
My mom did well on a first try. You have to agree.

bantu knots clear HD picture on natural hair
bantu knots photography

Till Next time

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