(an independence message)

“if everybody sweeps the front of their compound, the entire street would be clean”

– unknown

Sorry for being MIA again. Had some issues but cleared now. So happy independence day anniversary to you all. I don’t know about you but lately, I feel Nigeria has not been something I’ll be proud to call my country but I have faith in God, I have faith in this Nation, I don’t know how but sooner than later, everything’s going to be okay. Even beyond our expectations.
I just have a few things to say this independence anniversary. Lately I’ve been trying to be okay with the idea of dying…I know some of you right now would be like “God forbid. No one is dying”. But the truth is that even those that are dead, if they had been told earlier that they would die, they would’ve said the same, they might even go as far as calling the person a “false prophet”. And I’m not better than them. I’m sure I’m not prettier than most of them. The only thing is that I believe I have an assignment to fulfil on this earth and I’ve not done that so…I don’t think it’s my time to go yet but if it is, let God’s will be done. But what’s the point of being scared of something that is inevitable?
Right now, everything in this world sickens me……..I loved that write up on ‘death and the world right now’ on lifeofdammy here
“Suicide here, suicide there
Husband stabs wife to death.
Earthquake here.
Mudslide death.
Political war.
Terrorist attacks.
Teenager rapes grandmother.
Father impregnates daughter….” (excerpt from lifeofdammy)
All you hear is bloodshed of some sort.
Bokoharam bombs……herdsmen kill……man assassinated…..
Sometimes I feel like asking those that shed blood what they gain from it. What’s the point in killing everybody and ruling an empty nation. I’ve thought of things but can’t find any reasonable reason. Please if you know of a good reason, be sure to share it with me.
We have a government that likes to praise themselves. Make it look like they’ve done something great, when in real sense, they’ve nothing significant.
We have a people that think of self first.
Who told us we must leave it all for the government? If we have money to do so, why don’t we help establish those around us? Why can’t we all keep our environments clean? That’s why I started with that quote. Who told us that as private individuals, we cannot take it upon ourselves to fix a bad road, empower the youths, establish free training institutions? Why must we always think of our gain?
They say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but why do we still see the same old politicians and leaders leading, while the youths go around unemployed? It’s because we refuse to indulge in political issues. To our African parents, they feel all we know is social media “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. Or am I the only one that has heard most of them say that? To them we lack the ability to rule wisely. So they want the grey-haired to rule. If we don’t know the state of the nation, how are we going to rule a nation we don’t know much about?
I have a dream….yeah the Martin Luther kind. But it’s not all about me
I have a dream
…where I’ll be able to take pics for my blog on the streets of Nigeria and not worry about litters because there will be none.
…where there shall be no children hustlers. It upsets me when I see children hustle, a reversal of roles, children who are to be catered for by their parents, now cater for their parents, even the able-bodied parents.
…where I shall rid the world of every threat to womanhood.
…where people shall walk the streets at dusk, worry-free.
…where Nigeria shall lend to nations. Not borrow from them.
…where there shall be freedom to choose religion and freedom after choice.
…where women shall lead top companies, institutions, organisations, and occupy the most important roles in the world.
…where man would learn to put others first before self.
…where youths shall lead the world along with the old and experienced.
…where there shall be liberty to love and trust without worrying about being betrayed. Though that can be said to be unattainable.
Let’s appreciate God for this nation while we pray for change. Even our founding fathers recognized the need for God’s help and guidance when the accepted that anthem as our own. The 2nd stanza says:

O God of creation

Direct our noble cause

Guide our leaders right

Help our youths the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow and living just and true

Great lofty heights attain

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign

That means a lot to me now.
You can share on social networks but this is my independence message to you.
Proudly Nigerian


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