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Flawless Flaws


I titled this post ‘Flawless Flaws’ because people fail to understand that ‘flaws’ – or should I say ‘what we call flaws’ – are part of our perfection. Now you’ll say nobody is perfect but that’s the entire idea. Your imperfections or weaknesses, coupled with your strengths, make you this Masterpiece and God made no mistake giving you that “flaw”, don’t let them define ‘perfect’ for you, rather just let their comments slide and tell yourself “to everyman his definition”.  Plus I also wanted it to rhyme 😉

So your flaws are flawless cause they are not mistakes, they are flawless idiosyncrasies that make up your whole being. Call them ‘Perfect Mistakes’ (I love oxymorons). Now, I’m not saying if you have a bad character that need fixing you shouldn’t. If you have a bad attitude, that’s a flaw that needs fixing – at least attempt to – for the betterment of your own self.
Now in the spirit of building a mindset of ‘Flawless Flaws’, I’ve decided to put up some of my own flaws or what we call flaws, both character-wise and otherwise.
Ok… let’s stop this ‘flaw’ language cos looking at my list, they really aren’t what I might call flaws, but some people might, so let’s just say it’s a list of things that are not-so-right-there.
Let’s begin shall we?

  1. My really really short hair and slow growth rate

Like I said in my post here, I’ve decided not to batter my heart over this again. I’ve been told that my short hair fits me and I’m fine with it. But people begin to take it like it’s their problem – dropping comments and all about it – and I’m like chill. It’s my hair and I’m okay with it, whatever length it is. I’m going to take care of it and pray for it (yes, pray, cos it needs prayers), and move on with my life. No biggie.


  1. I suck at social media technology itself

Do you know that I’m on Snapchat, but I’ve forgotten my username and password, and I never even posted a thing. I’m also on twitter, I just linked it to my blog and let the rest take care of itself, and I don’t think I have up to 5 followers. Now my Google+, no post there yet, and I’m on one Nigerian online stuff like that… forgotten the name… see… I even wanted to join Pinterest but I decided to hold that thought. Only my Whatsapp and Instagram are surviving, and I’ve never used their story feature.
Now, sometimes, I can’t figure out my phone, and I know very little about computers (a computer geek might call me dumb 🙂 ) but I still have my strong points in arts. Though I want to be like people that get on well and enjoy social media, I love social media, and interacting, but we just don’t flow so well together.
You see… everyone is smart; you just have to find out what they are smart at, coupled with a bit of coaching. Everyone has a strong point.

  1. I’m insanely methodical, calculated and analytical.

You wouldn’t know that because I compromise a lot. All you need is a little nudging and begging and I’ll let you do whatever you want, despite my own plans. I have everything planned and mapped out in my head. Right now, I already know what my next semester should look like. While people pack a day or two days before their travel, I’m the type of person that packs 1 – 2 weeks before day of the travel. Except there was an emergency and I was caught up in something, and even at that, I plan in my head what I’m going to take and make sure I know where the stuffs are, so when I finally begin to pack, it won’t take much time. I like knowing exactly where my things are because I hate searching for stuffs, and I have a way I want my things to be. I like making sure that everything I do is perfect and orderly. Even your failure should be orderly.
This might not be a flaw, but when you’re like me plus the fact that you let yourself down to make others happy, it begins to mess with your head. I know that sometimes I might have planned something and someone takes over, and I let them, when that thing falls apart, it crushes me, because I’ll feel I could’ve just done it myself, and this makes you a bit down, because you need everything to be perfect, and when it isn’t, it’s a big deal.
I have plans and I need everything to go as planned.

  1. I have a big round head

Should I even get started on this one? I try to console myself by telling myself that it’s because I have a big brain. I mean it has to be, it’s not like there’s a lot of water filled up in there… or is there?
I really didn’t have a problem with it; I thought it was the right size, until Senior Secondary School when people started passing comments about it or making fun of me. It made me a lot more self-conscious. Or should I say ‘head-conscious’? And the ridiculous school hairstyles they were giving us didn’t help matters, along with my short hair. It didn’t get to me at first, and I like to believe I’m a strong person emotionally, but later on, it started pricking a bit here and there.

ok… that’s just an ugly picture

Here’s a better one. My eyes tend to appear closed when I smile

Well, till now, I don’t do ‘all-back’ or cornrows because of it. I’m not over that yet, I hope I will be soon, but for now, nope.
People can be a bit ruthless sometimes. They fail to understand that we go crazy over things that we can’t change or have no control over more than the things we can actually influence. You see people commit suicide just because the society called them ‘ugly’ or they lost a loved one, not because they want to die, but they feel if they can’t do anything about it, then they shouldn’t go through the pain of having to live with it. I try as much as possible not to insult people because of the way they’re naturally created, because there’s only little you can do to change that (like me and my head now, what should I do about it? Get a skull reduction surgery?) and I urge you all to try and do the same.

  1. My toes are horrible

And I mean it. While it may be better than some people’s but I still envy those with very nice toe nails. Have you ever seen me take foot/shoe shots except when my toes aren’t visible? I don’t, never have.

2016-09-29 11.12.14
I hope I don’t delete this pic soon

I don’t even know what to do to them anymore 🙁
So if you’re interested, you can make this a tag. Feel free to join in.
I remain
Lady Favour 😉
Now don’t forget my Instagram.


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