Bleeding into poetry


So 28th July was my birthday. I did nothing for it by the way.. but it was also my blog’s anniversary.

Here’s a major throwback to the first shots I took for this blog

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July 2016

Saw a notification from wordpress for my blogiversary.
Thanks to my 368 followers, my top commenters and my friends who support me,  my sister who literally ran my blog until I could manage it on my own, and my Dad who constantly checks my blog for new posts even though he’s subscribed.
I love poetry… it’s a shame that it hasn’t been so much of a part of my blog, but I’m going to change that. There will be more poetry/literature posts from me; analysing people’s poems and putting up some of mine.
I love art in general and that includes Literature. I love anything that has to do with creative writing and thinking. I follow some literature blogs. Some of them are:

One of my favourite blogger; She blogs fashion, poetry, musings and her flash fiction posts. Her poetry posts are my best. Her writing is quite comprehensive and she has won awards/nominations for her creative writing, with two books published.

Recently stumbled on her #storytellingsunday posts and the stories were nice. My personal best was the Mariam IV…probably cos it was the first I read. She merges this with her fashion style and designing posts. You should check it out.

I love her writings. Her poetry is really nice. Then there’s her penned tales which are my favourite and I’m particularly in love with her blog design. Make sure you check hers out.

Discovered recently and his writing is beautiful. The first I read – Amidst Gods and Humans – which I really thought was nice. The language construction and diction is what caught my attention at first.

She writes on societal issues. Also did a post on death here. I love her blog icon, she preaches respect and confidence in the feminine gender as well. Where are my feminists? Check hers out.
There are others but I’ll leave them for later, as I discover more.
I write poems too, but lately most of my poems have been either too sad to upload, or exposing me too much to upload. Just like William Wordsworth defined poetry – “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility” – I’m trying to let my heart bleed into something. It’s good to have something you can write to, talk to or relate too when you are stressed, happy, sad, or even angry. It’s therapeutic. Now, note that I said something not someone. It’s good to have someone, but when there’s no one, the ‘something’ comes into play. Find that thing that soothes you, calms you down, and at the same time, you can throw all your frustrations on. Some people clean and tidy when tipsy, some sing, some paint, some draw, some write, some read, some talk to their surroundings or nature, so find what does it for you. As for me, I read, write, sing, and also listen to music. Sometimes I clean… just anything to free my mind. Most times it’s music that does the trick. When I’m angry, it’s usually rap or trap, when I’m sad, it can be any type, depends, when I’m happy, it can be dance, Mexican or spanish, most of Sia’s music (huge fan). For now, I’m bleeding into poetry.
My poems usually don’t feature end rhymes and that kind of annoys me as I try to make them have end rhymes. So I wrote a poem with rhyme and not so sad. I don’t know if it’s wonderful but here goes…

Somebody fetch me a shovel.
I want to dig up my grave.
I want to spit on my pride.
I want to point an accusing finger at my presumptions,
Promising to deal on realisation.
Somebody throw up a joke
I want to shake my head at my intellect.
Laugh at my credulity.
Scorn my beauty.
Mourn my benignity.
None of them brought you to me.
Somebody pour me a cup of sensibility
I have drowned in insensibility
Harboured a mind of incredibility
Invoked a myriad of incongruities
Blessed with a broken esteem
Somebody pray for me
I walk with a shattered heart
Unafraid of my own demise
Inclined to criticise
And judge every piece of my soul’s gullibility.
I’m breaking a minute shard by shard.

  • Favour Ndukwe

Thank you all for reading. Let me know what you think of poetry and what it is that you bleed into.


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