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Things I wish I knew 2-3 years ago


I know I’ve been gone for a while but thanks to those who still kept the stats up and my new followers (welcome 🤗), and also those who asked of me… thank you all. I wasn’t well for a while but now I’m back and ready to rumble 🤦

So today’s post was planned months back but it was meant to be about blogging alone. But looking back, I realized that I learnt a lot that helped changed me from the person I was 2 years back and I decided to share some of it with you guys.
I hope you pick something from this post.

1. Blogging Lessons
I just have to start with the blogosphere and lessons I’ve learnt so far, and still learning.
I didn’t want to just be a fashion blogger — or rather, personal style blogger — I wanted to teach fashion. But looking at others blog and wondering what makes them so unique that everyone is moving along their direction. I saw people just take pictures of what they wore and put it up. Now I can also do that but do that in a way that it shows one how to possibly style their clothes. But when I see you wear something very extravagant, I can tell you it’s cool but I like a very simple life, I might not even be able to afford what you’ve worn, so somehow, you haven’t helped me with how to style my clothes, just shown me how you slayed yours.
I wanted my posts to take the nature of something like ’10 ways to style your tee shirt’ or ‘how to wear the off-shoulder’, ‘layering’, ‘wearing black’, and like that.. I don’t know if you understand. I remember my colour blocking post. Plus my clothes are probably 60% black and white and a few coloured and let’s say 1% Ankara.
I won’t lie to you, there’s no way you’ll blog all your life without comparing your blog as well as yourself to others. It would happen, but just don’t let it get unhealthy. Cos at this point, twice I’ve been close to deleting my blog cos I felt I wasn’t doing what I wanted. But I’m going through a blog reforms people, let’s see how that goes.
2. It’s okay to be Imperfect
It’s okay to be imperfect… “pretty hurts” but even Beyonce that sang that is pretty. Yes… people we are back to this again. I remember my ‘loving yourself’ post which I was really proud of 🤗 . Anyway this is major issue. People don’t know how major it is. Even those that tell you to love yourself, do you think 100% of them seriously take that advice? It’s not easy, there’s no easy way to do it, no general formula, just acknowledge the fact that yes you have a problem with the way you look and decide not to. Decide to be okay with imperfections…beautiful imperfections. I think I’m a perfectionist of some sort, at a point it was hard for me. That’s story for another time. Life is beautiful in it’s own weird way… I guess. ♥️
3. Take a second to Save Yourself
After trying hard to save others, check maybe you are the one that needs saving. Always pause for a while to make sure you are not damaging yourself in any way. Make sure to feed your mind. Don’t just stock on romance novels alone, read stuff that you can actually learn from. Stuff that can actually teach you to be better. Help others, work on yourself, build a legacy, and remember to thank God.
4. Let your soul Bleed into Something
Remember internal bleeding ain’t good. Yes… you need an outlet. Now I’m not talking about literal bleeding, (you can check out my bleeding into poetry post) I feel you should adopt a healthy habit, just something you really love and something that soothes you and let that be your thing. Whenever you feel down, it may be listening to music, just turn it up.
5. Build a Social Community
People of God.. Those of us that have refused to keep close friends.. Okwa ya…. Biko… I’m not saying it’s by force to have friends but if there’s that person or group of people that really impact your life, don’t let them go. You never can tell when you’ll need emotional or even moral (it depends though) support and when you look around, you see no one with you. Yes, you have your parents, but what about someone to get crazy with? Is it when you’re old with children and worried about village witches or people that may be jealous of your success that you’ll start making friends? Biko friendship is not by force, but when you see one that is worth it, and you’re sure you’re in your right senses, then stick with it. Childhood friendships that grow into adulthood are just the best things ever.
Thanks so much to all my readers, followers, my friends and my family.
Group hug 🤗

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