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Beauty pageants have been going on far back as 19th century. Women all over gather together for the purpose of representing their places of origin, institution, corporation, or place of work in pageants. Participating in this contest, I had to come to the understanding of the essence of beauty pageants. I found some answers on Quora and I can say from my perspective that beauty pageants were created to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of a woman. It checks her intellectual capacity through questions on current affairs and logic questions as well and she is dressed and taught to behave like a Queen, exuding confidence and sophistication.

This said, I participated in my school’s beauty pageant — Bowen pageant — which took place on the 11th (semi-finals) and 25th (finals) of November. It was planned by Zodiac Entertainment and our school supported them as well. The first ever beauty pageant held in Bowen University.

So I’m going to share my experience and lessons with you all. First of all, we could only do semi-finals and finals because school is on and we all have our individual assignments to carry out. We got the form for 3000 naira only and also the same price for our pageant Tee shirts.
I wasn’t quite prepared for this pageant because at first, I actually thought of going but I never took any action towards it, until I got a lot of encouragement from people telling me to take a shot. Never forget that what’s important is taking a shot. You take a shot, you miss, you’re better than those who didn’t take any, no matter how they want to see it.

I designed my clothes for the two days and had a tailor sew them for me. There were amendments to be made to the gown so I ended up going late to the guest house for the first day program… made me look unprepared. We started preparing and I thank God for my roommates..they all decided to be my chaperones and they were very helpful and supportive. One of them who is a Makeup Artist did my makeup (you can check her IG @tunmmy_lover ) and another did my hair. The rest helped out a lot and gave me food too 😊. They bought gala and drink for me twice on the second day cos I kept feeling weak and cold. Thank God for strength, I felt better a while after.
Day 1


While still at the guest house, I was asked by my friend if I was nervous, and I told her no. But actually, it’s when you get to the stage that’ll you know if your nervous or not. I think the nerve-racking part of the pageant would be the time for questions (I got very good questions ..thank God) and the talent display. We were meant to do the talent display on the first day but because of time, it was shifted to the last day. I realized would’ve been better if it was done the first day, because by the time it came, I had lost my voice.
Day 2


We had 5 appearances….or should I call them appearances? 🤦
I found myself struggling with my buckle with fixed nails 🙂 .
I think my best part was the cultural. See me looking almost bridal in my attire and I danced igbo cultural dance energetically. I was so happy, ended up smiling all through.

My worst part of that day would be when I had to trek to the guest house, carrying my box, and I took a long route cos u wasn’t familiar with the road. I literally felt like fainting when I arrived until my lovely friends helped supply me with food 🤗
Dice Ailes came….I didn’t get a selfie nor a video cos we were backstage. For those who don’t know, Dice Ailes is a Nigerian Artiste. He sang ‘Otedola with the money’, and ‘Ella‘ . In other words, he’s a celebrity and we got a picture with him.
Then the final appearance with the dinner gown. A gown I designed originally as a ball gown and made last minute changes to it.

It was time for questions and we were to choose two numbers.
I had already decided that 10 and 5 would be my pick for the questions. But as I opened my mouth to say 10, I somehow ended up saying 16. Thank God. 16 was like the simplest question ever. The question was “If you win this pageant tonight, what is the first thing you would do?” or something like that. And being a Christian, in a Christian school, the first thing everyone would expect you to do is thank God…. And that’s what I answered… I will thank God. And I still thanked him even though I didn’t win the title. i made it to the top 6 though, and then the top three were chosen and our Queen was crowned.

So far the experience was fun. A little downs here and ups there. The unity dance we did to open the show for the two days.. God!. 🤦 ….I didn’t like it. I’m not the type of dancer to twist and whine my body and all, and the dance featured a lot of those stuffs, all girly. I Sha survived o. You’re going to be stressed beyond human understanding and people will get on your nerves. All you may get in the end might be a mug as a compensation gift.. Just like me.
Well, when I was asked how I felt after the winner had been called, I truthfully answered when I said “excited”. I don’t know why, but for some reason I was happy. And that’s all that mattered. A day or two later, it was like the wave of sadness hit me. It felt like I lost a lot, spent time and money and got nothing in the end. I decided not to dwell on it. I believe that what will be, will be and everything, somehow, is working for my good… no point in crying over spilt milk.
Red dinner gown


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