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It’s a new year… not a new me… just striving to be the best of me. So let’s say this together… “new year – 2018 – the beginning of the best of me”.
I’m back again and I have things I’d like to tell you. First of all, for lessons I learnt in 2017, you can check my post here. So it seems I’ve been diagnosed with a syndrome – going MIA – and I need a remedy, but I shall be my own remedy right now.
I’ve decided to get this virus out of my system by all means necessary, so before putting up this post, I had already prepared all my posts for January. All that’s left is the inclusion of pictures and a bit of editing. That’s the regimen I’m trying out for now, let’s see how that goes.

My exams are coming up this January too, so any free time I get, I’ll drop a post and prepare my posts for February. I’ll try to post at least once every week.  Consistency must be a part of my 2018…so help me God.
This is also meant to be a fashion post. This is me in basic monochrome, sporting a black sheer shirt, black pencil skirt, black flats, some black jewelry and a white bag.
The rests are pictures I took while in school, which have been uploaded on my instagram already.
Wraps and pleats… Feel free to state your favorite. I feel you guys will see me in more pleats this year.
My favorite quote remains :
No point crying over spilt milk. Instead let’s see how can either salvage or save up to buy a new one.
Happy new year.

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