A Guide to Fashion Designing : drawing frills


In fashion designing, one may come to find out that drawing a template or a model might be the easiest thing. The next stage is getting your design on paper in a way that has some level of realism, and can be easily identified as what it is. From representing a collar on your design, to drawing a button up shirt, how to draw sequins, colouring your design, frills, pleats, and much more.
In my previous fashion designing posts,

I shared the beginner’s guide to drawing templates, some of mine and a DIY (check that here) and the reason I decided to be a designer (check that here). Today, I’m going to be talking about drawing frills.
Frills are important in drawing dresses and skirts, also ruffles. For today we’ll be focusing on dresses and skirts style.
• First you start with the model sketch. I’m going to do a side view so this is what I’m using.
Fashion model template
• Keep that aside. If it’s your first time, you’d want to get a piece of paper and draw continuous folding and curving-in lines like this.
Drawing frills
Draw on until you’re better and used to it.
Then just draw on for fun 😋
• Take a sacrificial lamb – a model sketch you’re not using and practice with it. Try moving it upwards, straight, downwards and in mullet form.

• Now you can proceed to designing your initial model. I did mine upwards because it’s a side view. Here’s what it looked like.
 A guide to Fashion designing and drawing frills on model templates
If it’s going to be large frills, try to wrap it around the leg. I don’t know if you understand but looking at that picture, the first frill rests on the forward leg, the second kind of wraps around the other leg. It doesn’t necessarily need to be like that. It can be anyhow. This is just a trick I’m sharing with you all for large frills.
• Next erase what is not to be seen so it forms a gown. Draw lines upwards from around the edges of the curves to illustrate folds.

A guide to Fashion designing and drawing frills
Both inside and outside lines should go the same direction. They cinch at the waist.
• Next, complete the gown by bridging the spaces with curved lines.
A guide to Fashion designing and drawing frills
• I completed my model’s face and that’s basically it. If you want to add further designs and details to the gown or the top half, proceed to do that.
Draw the shoes and you have your fully clothed model.

Now I go over mine with a black pen.

A guide to Fashion designing and drawing frills
A guide to Fashion designing and drawing frills
A guide to Fashion designing and drawing frills
A guide to Fashion designing and drawing frills
Whether it’s large frills or small frills, this technique would get you there.
Here are some other sketches I did.
Sketching fashion model templates
Sketching fashion model templates
Sketching fashion model templates
A guide to sketching fashion model templates
Till another class loves. ♥️

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  1. Nice drawing’s, I wished I can sketch like you.

  2. Wow,I love this.you should teach us how to sketch a model

    1. I’d try that.. But I think I would need to do a video for that so it can be more comprehensive and understandable.
      Thanks for stopping by ♥️

  3. The legs of your models are really slender… Lovely post❤

    1. I know right… And I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not..
      Thank you

      1. 😂😂😂😂 def it’s a good thing, they look like real models!

  4. You’re pretty good girl, I’m impressed. I can’t draw to save my life.
    Princess Audu

    1. Lol… I’m sure you can..you can learn… 😁
      Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  5. I wish I could draw like this! You should do regular posts on how to draw so you can help us.

  6. Woah, those look incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing 😀

  7. This is really helpful. I don’t draw as much as I’d like, but this post give me some inspiration. I just followed your blog, it would mean a lot if you would check my blog out, too!
    ❤️ Leani

    1. I’m glad I could help. Thank you. And I definitely will check it out.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      1. I’m glad, too! And thank you!

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  9. You’re so talented x

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