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Tips To Wearing Florals – for the not so “flowery” girl


Florals are a very good type of prints when styled the right way… so you don’t look like a bouquet yourself.
But these prints do not appeal to everyone — both male and female — for reasons best known to them.
I also find it hard to wear floral print and I hardly own anything floral, but as an aspiring designer, I believe I should be able to work with almost any material or print and make something breathtaking out of it, and not liking a print makes you less willing to work with it.

There are however some rules that guide my dressing in florals which I’m going to share with you all. For those of you who, like me, do not fancy the print so much. But as a lady… I mean… You’ve got to wear florals at some point in your life ey?
1. Opt for less busy
This is the first thing to look at if you’re someone like me. Make sure the print is not busy. Opt for bold and less.
Just like my gown in the pictures that will follow, the print is bold and not busy. In that way, it’s you wearing florals without looking so flowery.

How to wear florals

2. Let the flower be a unique type….
Something out of the norm..
Remember this blog is about promoting eccentricities. So even in wearing florals, try choosing something that’s not everywhere.
For example, instead of going for sunflower prints, try roses or tulips or just petals of flowers…
Take a look at these prints below.
How to wear florals
where to

How to wear florals

3. Choose a unique colour or something abstract
Let your print stand In a way. Something fun and eccentric that someone would like to wear. For example, roses are red, try a black rose print or a blue or purple rose print. 👌 Maybe a patchwork with it.
Also something a bit abstract where the flower isn’t fully outlined, can be appealing too.
How to wear florals for the non-girly girl

How to wear florals

4. It could be mixed with another cool print 
For example, on ed that I personally love is floral and stripes. They look so cool together.
So maybe that floral dress can feature another print to make it extra cool. Saw this picture online and I just loved it instantly. Florals and tiny stripes.
How to wear florals for the non-girly girl

I’m also one that doesn’t like florals a lot too. I’ve had this dress for a while and it’s one of those dresses that I always look for reasons to wear. So from the tips I gave you all above, you’ll not that this is less busy, a unique green shade, and the floral print stands out a bit… much so that it almost doesn’t look floral.
How to wear florals for the non-girly girl
How to wear florals for the non-girly girl

How to wear florals for the non-girly girl

Pardon my pictures and background. I refused to let my school environment and schedule deter me from doing a fashion post. I just finished my exams and I’ll be around more. Thank you all for sticking with me and all my new followers… Thank you.
So far, I’m sticking to 5 posts a month or more when I’m not busy with school work.
Cheers to consistency and progress… 🥂
Do check out my instagram @_pepple_
Hope you’ve all learnt something from this post.
Till next time loves.


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