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Makeshift Cold Shoulders — Straight from the pot of creativity


Here’s another quick fashion DIY.. It’s been cooking up for long and is freshly served. 😁
I created this cold-shoulders look with the off-shoulder gown I styled here and this real green Paisley print sleeveless gown. Yes… I wore two gowns….talk about layering 😅

wp-image-2088426126Layering off shoulder under sleeveless gowns and topsDIY cold shoulders, Layering off shoulder under sleeveless gowns and topswp-image-1122671107.
Don’t be scared to get creative with your clothing and keep switching up and layering… That‘s one trick to get more out of less.
Wear that off-shoulder top under your sleeveless gowns, jackets, and even tops, and you’d create a new chic look. This is basically layering 101. I hope this has given you a new outfit idea to try out.
Let me know what you think about this look and if you’ll be trying it out anytime soon in the comments section below.
I love you guys…
Till next time …
This was quite short ♥️♥️

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