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Red is a Life Saver


I am here with a sermon of sorts…the doctrine of The Beauty of Red and tips on wearing and styling red outfits or staples. I love seeing women explore colours of a large variety, although the absence of it happens to be my favourite.
Next to my heart is the colour red, and don’t we just love the beauty of Red, especially red outfits. ♥️
For this post, I acquired various pictures of people, men and women, to buttress my points.

DISCLAIMER : The pictures used in this post belong to the respective instagram accounts as shown in the pictures, except stated otherwise.

 red maxi dinner gown outfit
red two-piece
all red outfit





Red is a colour ascribed to many things. It is a colour of love and of danger. That alone shows the fierceness, arrogance, yet subtlety and allure of the colour red. It’s also a colour of courage and passion. It emboldens and makes a simple outfit striking.

“When in doubt, wear red” – Bill Blass

According to Wikipedia :
Red is the colour that most attracts attention. Surveys show it is the colour most frequently associated with visibility, proximity, and extroverts. It is also the colour most associated with dynamism and activity.”
There are different shades of red – scarlet, crimson, burgundy, maroon, to ruby.
And it goes with any skin tone and colour. That’s a plus 100. From Lupita Nyong’o to Janelle Monae, and to Meryl Streep.
Red works for all.




styling red outfits on the red carpet
styling red outfits gowns on the red carpet




Did you think I’d forgotten the guys? Not at all.


Red for Guys. . .

Wearing or styling red outfits for guys can be very bold,
but just like the ladies, it still looks beautiful in any shade.

You too should take the risk. Get a red staple guys… Whether it’s a sweatshirt or sweatpants, three-piece suit, muffler, or even sneakers and shoes. Wear red.





Red alone is beautiful and eye-catching. However, red paired with other vibrant colours, is incredibly eye-catching. Don’t forget your accessories too.



Try colour-blocking your red items with other colours such as pink, yellow, green and blue.


colour-block red and blue midi gown
red floral suit




Red Accessories

Another way to add this red pop of colour to your outfit is through getting accessories in red. Say you wear a midnight blue midi gown and pair that with a red clutch. A black fit and flare dress with red pumps. Even a yellow blouse, styled with black suit pants, and a red necklace. I hope by now, you’re mind is reeling with ideas. There’s so much to do, and so many ways to style the colour red.

red accessories hat and tassel earrings





African Prints

Let’s do it the African way, shall we?

African materials combine colours and prints, giving them a whole other level of uniqueness. Get that red ankara print and even a simple style would do. From a simple shift dress to a full on maxi gown.


red ankara maxi dress
ankara maxi gown styles

red ankara gown outfit




red ankara outfit




Oh. See this cutie.. Even for children 😁


Now let me give you some quick tips.


Due to the vibrancy of the colour red, in styling red outfits, let the red item make the statement. Keep everything other thing simple. Whether it’s a red gown, red lips, red accessories, scarves or mufflers, let them make the statement. Red is beautiful when it is allowed to stand out. Avoid a clash or fight for attention, keeping others simple or using them to complement the red item.

Say a little black dress with red pumps and a red clutch, a little red gown (a new essentiality) with nude heels or red ankle strap heels, neutral makeup and a little chain necklace. Let’s say you have a red sun hat on over a yellow dress…. That’s a nice colour block, or maybe a tomato or pepper red blazer over a yellow dress. These and many more ideas are there for you to explore, and you need to do just that. Explore.

You need more conviction to get that red staple?



The lighter-skinned could opt for darker shades of red. The darker-skinned could opt for brighter shades of red. it gives a sort of contrast when worn that way.

I love red…and I love seeing people in red. It’s beautiful. You just got to stop and look. Twice.
I hope I’ve been able to convince you that Red doesn’t disappoint.
Yet again, in the words of Bill Blass, “when in doubt, wear red”.

Let’s paint the town RED!

Till next time loves…

red maxi dinner gown with slit





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