Ankara inspiration #2 – The ankara jacket 


Exploiting the versatility of African materials, I bring to you another Ankara inspiration — the Ankara  Jacket

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I got this material for a friend’s wedding I blogged about here and here. I wanted an Ankara  jacket. I’ve seen a lot of fashion bloggers style their jackets in different ways. At some point in my life, I wasn’t a fan of Ankara materials, having only one ankara item in my wardrobe, but lately, I’ve decided to change that.
I started this Ankara series as a result of this new year resolution. Something to get me to follow up on it.
Before I go on, I’d like to appeal to you all to pardon me for being somewhat MIA recently. I’m back in school and I’m trying to work it all together. I’d still be here though. Thanks for sticking around.
So here’s my Ankara jacket.
styling the ankara jacketstyling the ankara jacket
Fun fact : it doubles as a gown and has pockets. Pockets make every gown extra.
ankara jacket gownwp-image-664833456
If you’re going to get an Ankara jacket, get one that doubles as a gown. More of a shirt dress….you can say.
I hope you loved this look.
A fashion designing post is coming up next.
Till next time
Nigerian fashion blogger Favour Ndukwe

32 Replies to “Ankara inspiration #2 – The ankara jacket ”

  1. Your jacket is really nice. I love the versatility.

  2. It’s such a cool piece. This is my favorite way to do color, easy simple black outfit with statement piece. You look lovely. xx

    1. Thank you.
      I love simple black outfit with statement pieces too. It just screams simplicity with class.
      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Loved the way this ankara piece also doubles as a dress. By the way.. such a pretty lady you are 😍

    1. Awwwwnnnnn 🤗
      Thanks love

  4. I love the Ankara and you style is cool

  5. It’s so cool. I love it 😍😍

  6. Asawholebeing says: Reply

    Lovely inspiration

  7. A lovely look…i have always wanted one😠😠

    1. Awwwwnnnnn baby.. C’mere 🤗🤗
      Don’t be mad.. Yours is on the Way

  8. This is beautiful, I love the versatility of your jacket. This is now on my to buy/to get list.

    1. You should get one.
      I personally have a to buy/to get list and that stuff is longggg…
      God help us all 🤗

  9. Omg it’s too cute!! And you look awesome in it! I have one too but it doesn’t double up as a dress. This is a cool design idea💞. Taking notes 😄💃

    1. Thank you very much love… I’d like to see you in yours.

  10. This is such an amazing piece…following you for more..this is my blog if you are interested.

  11. Jacket so fine😍
    Iv seen lots of people slay on Ankara jacket but I never tot of owing one.
    I think this is more than enough inspiration.

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by. And for your comments.. I always look forward to them
      Thanks 🤗🤗🤗🤗

      1. You most welcome dear

  12. A dress and jacket in one? No. Way. 😱 uhhhh yes please!!!! I love it!!!! And the colors line up so perfectly! 😍💯….thanks much for sharing and you’re very beautiful! God bless! Xxoo 💕

    1. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
      Thanks love.
      You know… I used to not like the colours until I started seeing it as a statement piece instead of a regular piece I could just wear on anything.
      Thanks for commenting.

      1. You’re welcome much! I love fashion so yeah lol! Oh ok I see! It really is a gem tho! I love it! No probbz!

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  14. Don’t own one👆You nailed it thou👌Nicely

    1. Thank you dear.

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