Guide to fashion designing

A Guide to Fashion Designing – perfecting your female model’s face


This aspect of fashion designing I’m going to take you through, is the more artistic side of drawing your female model face.
In my early days of designing, I left my designs faceless because I hated drawing faces. Now it’s the part I enjoy drawing most; being able to create different looks, deciding whether your model is fierce or cute, with high cheekbones or just a chubby round face, does she have nappy hair or straight hair, and every thing related to creating a person.



Before I go into the basics, I must let you know that it’s not necessary to have a realistic face. Like I told you earlier, I used to leave mine headless. You can also go for signature looks; a particular ‘style’ of face that all your models would carry.
I’ve seen sketches without facial features, some with incomplete features. For example, some people design, leaving only the hair and putting lips on your sketch. Some draw exaggerated eyelashes, with a side-swept hair. You can see more examples in the pictures below;

wp-image-342005948wp-image-1536597951wp-image-1046585161different types of fashion illustrations and sketchesdifferent types of fashion illustration

Sources : respective instagram accounts.




drawing female model face


Back to Basics…

Now if you’re one that is in for realism, you need to start from the basics… and when I say basics, I mean the ABCs of drawing a face.
Start with the eyes. Pinterest is your friend. I learnt with Pinterest examples.
Start from learning step by step on sketching eyes. Make sure you sketch daily, and sketch as much as possible until you are so used to it that you can close your eyes and still create something somewhat presentable.


drawing eyes

From the eyes, you move to the mouths and noses. Also try sketching different hairstyles.
Remember Pinterest is your friend. Just go to Pinterest and search sketches. You’ll see a lot of results that’ll help you, from basic to fantastic 🤗


drawing nosedrawing lips

Source : Pinterest



Proceed to front sketches. Just sketch front view of different faces.
Here’s a step by step process on how I draw mine.

What I do is, I first draw the outline of the female model face. Just like an acorn, using a circle and a somewhat ‘V’. I decide if this is a long head or a round short head. That depends on my circle and ‘V’


drawing female model face

I then mark a symmetry. Divide into two halves. Somewhere in the circle, I mark out space for the eyes.

drawing female model face

The Face Features

• I start with the lips. Fast backwards to where I showed you different sketches of lips. I choose one of the lips (that’s a weird thing to say 😋) and fix for my model, using the symmetry line to make sure it’s in the middle.
In this one I went with lips no 1
• I did the same with the nose. Fixed no 3 (or something like that 🤗)
It’s not necessary to do it this way, but like this, with interchanging features, I can easily create different faces.

drawing female model face

• Then I draw the eyes. The eyes fall on the lower line while the brows fall on the upper line.
The ears start from the eyes to somewhere at the nose. You choose a hairstyle from your templates for your model. And you have a full face.

drawing female model face
drawing female model face

 Where the circle meets the ‘V’ serves for the cheekbone. Shade if you please. And you have your model’s face.

drawing female model facedrawing female model facedrawing female model face


drawing female model facedrawing female model facedrawing female model facedrawing female model face

Drawing is basically practice and consistency. If you let me, I can draw a thousand faces and not get tired… okay… that’s a lie, I’d get tired. But you get my point.


I hope you learnt something about drawing female model face.

Do you like the little faces I sketched? Which is the prettiest? For me, it’s the curly haired girl. She’s cute.
As always,
Till next time

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