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Ankara Inspiration #3 – That Ankara dress everyone should have. . .


It seems that I am graduating from a not-so-pleasurable relationship with African prints, to a best friend kind of relationship, and it’s not going to end now. Today I have another Ankara inspiration – an Ankara body-con gown,
for you all, and I want you to learn to love Ankara. If you didn’t love it do much before. you just need to choose which print suits you best, and get a kickass style out of it.
Make sure you check my Ankara Inspiration #1 – The bell sleeves, and #2 – the ankara jacket. 



Ankara bodycon gown


Today’s look is an Ankara bodycon gown with an asymmetric sleeve. The sleeves go from one up, to an off-shoulder…a sort of one-sided off-shoulder gown. We used lace material for the sleeves to make the dress more exciting. We are both sporting ankle strap heels and hair from @empressly_store.

I’m partnering with my friend and makeup artist (@damitunmi) for this post. Mine is all pink and purple, while hers is cream and green.
This gown is simple and beautiful. As we should all know, simplicity is my watchword ✌



Ankara bodycon gownAnkara bodycon gownAnkara bodycon gown
Ankara bodycon gown




Ankara Prints


Ankara prints are one of the most versatile materials we have. Everyone should have an ankara clothing item in his/her wardrobe. They are bold and beautiful.

There are so many reasons to love ankara prints. Here is one of my personal reasons why I love Ankara prints.

  1. You are automatically owambe ready with Ankara prints.
  2. Any style can be sewn. Don’t restrict yourself.
  3. If you want to go bold, opt for Ankara Prints.

An Ankara bodycon gown is one of the simplest styles you can get in ankara prints. so here’s an inspiration for your Ankara bodycon gown.



Ankara bodycon gownAnkara bodycon gownAnkara bodycon dress







Ankara bodycon gownAnkara bodycon gownAnkara bodycon gown



Looking at these pictures… I mean who would see this and say African prints isn’t beautiful, or isn’t slay-worthy?
Happy new month to you all… And happy workers’ day.
I still have classes today 🙄 #lifeofalawstudent
The post on my law dinner is coming up next. Stick with me.

Till next time

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