Welcome to ‘girleccentric’.

girleccentric is a  Nigerian fashion and style blog for the average woman, the secret fashion enthusiast, the aspiring fashion designer, the simple, and the eccentric mind.
It’s a fashion and style blog. We show you outfits inspiration and teach you how to recreate them, take you through a step-by-step process in topics under fashion designing.
Our watchword: ‘Simplicity, Self-esteem, Quality’.


Girleccentric features five (5) categories — ‘Fashion’, ‘Fashion Designing’, ‘Personal Style’, ‘Style Feature’, and ‘Random’.


The Fashion and Trend Watch category of this blog covers issues concerning the fashion industry. It includes red carpet coverage, fashion and style tips, fashion wish-lists, critical analysis on topics about fashion, ways to style different items, the current trends, our fashion crushes, and a bit of enlightenment on fashion terminologies.


The Guide to Fashion Designing category is where I take you through step-by-step processes on fashion illustration and issues in fashion designing.


The Style Guide category features my personal style and ways you can recreate the looks I’ve shown. It’s basically going to be me giving you outfit inspiration and tips on styling yourself in the same way.
Under the Style Guide category, we have the ‘Ankara Inspiration Series’ which I started in a bid to get more ankara prints items in my wardrobe. ‘Ankara’ is African prints material and in the series, I’ll be showing some fashion items done with ankara material and how I styled them.


The Style Feature is a category for the public. It’s where I feature the styles of the other people. A theme would be announced in one of my personal style posts. The looks of others related to the theme would be featured.
Once a theme is announced, people who’d be interested in showing their style here on my blog, can send their pictures through a ‘Direct Message’ on Instagram or email at girleccentricblog@gmail.com, subject- ‘Style Feature’.
Readers are encouraged to send their pictures as well. I’d love for as many as possible to participate in this. The pictures shown are clear pictures (not necessarily taken with a camera) and those related to the theme.


The ‘Uncategorised’ is for posts that do not belong to any of the aforementioned categories.
It may feature reviews, write-ups, life lessons, some rants and chitchats, and other things of my interest.

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If there is any topic you wish for me to talk about on the blog, or if you wish to put up a guest article on the blog as it relates to the categories and what this blog stands for, hit me up at any of the social media handles, or send an email.

Enjoy your time at the blog.


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