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Creating a Colour Pop – Palazzo Pants


I’m a person who believes in the beauty of the absence of colour, the appeal in black, and the royalty in white. Nonetheless, colour makes the world a better place. While some of us may revel in the absence of it, I’m here to show us a way to strike a balance, create a contrast and give off what I like to call a ‘Colour Pop’.

I’m going to take you through this using one of the outfits I wore to work — a pink Palazzo pants, a black top and black bag.




Creating a colour pop is easy and It brings a contrast to your outfit.

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First of all, you need solids. Solids are plain materials, not printed, single-coloured without designs. Your solid can be black or white, preferably but one can opt for other dark colours. I opted for black as my solid in this look.


Secondly, you need just one bright-coloured item that would stand out. You need only one or at most two, to create that ‘pop’ effect.
For me, in this look, my bright-coloured item is my pink Palazzo pants. I’ve had this pants for years even before the Palazzo pants trend. I just decided to wear it this once and I loved it.


Thirdly, you need to choose your statement piece. The bright-coloured item should be your statement piece. This means that every other thing should be simple to avoid a struggle for attention.
I wore a simple black body-con top with my Palazzo pants, and finished it up with black and grey palms and a black bag.

This is one way to look simple, sweet, and still stand out.
This is what we stand for – ‘Simplicity, self-esteem, and quality’ 😉.



Colour pop pink Palazzo pants

Colour pop pink Palazzo pants

Colour pop pink Palazzo pants


1. Choose a bright-coloured item
2. Make sure every other thing is black, white, or a uniform dark colour.

Note that the pop could also be with your makeup or accessories. Don’t limit yourself.


Leave a beautiful comment. I also accept criticisms.
Till next time loves…


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