drawing a male model face
Guide to fashion designing

A Guide To Fashion Designing – Perfecting Your Male Model’s Face

I understand the need to run away from the face aspect in fashion illustration. Trust me, I ran for years. It all catches up to you when you need to perfect your art. You just need to stop running and face it. In this post, I will take you through a step-by-step beginner-friendly process on how to draw or illustrate your male model face.

I took you through perfecting your female model’s face and. Someone asked in the comments if there was any tip for male models. Now, you may need to read on the female model face first before this post.


1. You start with a circle, just like we did for the female, and something that looks like this shape \_/ for the jaw.
Note that there are significant differences between a male’s face and a female’s face. A male’s face is generally more defined, having more ‘edges’ than a female’s.
As we go on, you’d get to know some of the differences.

Inside that circle, align two straight lines to form a somewhat square. The width would be a bit wider than the jaw.
It is as shown in the picture. Studying the picture could add clarity to the words.

drawing a male model face

drawing a male model face

2. If you look at the picture below, you’d notice that TV I added two slanted lines somewhere at the base of the circle; the beginning of the jaw; on both sides.
This is because the place where the circle meets the jaw serves as the cheekbone. Those slanted lines help to illustrate and emphasize them.

If you’re colouring or shading, you could make it a bit darker instead of using lines to illustrate the cheekbones.

3. Next, you draw a symmetry line, dividing the face outline into two equal parts.
• Somewhere in the middle of the circle, draw two parallel horizontal lines, with space between for the eyes and brows.
• A bit above the edges of the jaw, comes the next horizontal line for the lips.
• The base of the circle, in the middle, serves as the base of the nose.
(study the pictures)

drawing a male model face

drawing a male model face

4. Also, using the lines as guide, add the facial features. I like to draw the lips and nose first.
Add a bit of definition to the eyes. Always keep in mind – more structure, more edge, more definition, because it’s a male model.

drawing male model face

drawing a male model face

I add the pupils and lashes after I’m done drawing, with my black pen.
That’s just my personal style of drawing. If you wish, you can adopt that.

Final touches…

5. The next step is to draw the brows. However, a male’s brow is generally thicker than the female’s. They are straighter, without much arc as the female’s. Keep that in mind as you draw the brows.

drawing male model face

6. Now, we erase what’s left of the circle and the lines, leaving the face alone.
Put the hairline.
My model is on a low-cut. For a beginner, that is the best option. Especially for those of us that don’t know how to illustrate a haircut well.

Moreover, I also added length to the cheekbone.

drawing male model face

7. We’re almost done. Next, you put the ears. The ears begin at the eye level.
Make them a reasonable length.

drawing a male model face

8. Finally, trace over with a black pen, sharpie, marker, or whatever you use.
Colour the hair.
Lightly shade the necessary places like the sides of the forehead and cheekbones.


drawing male model face

drawing a male model face

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I can see a mistake along the jaw which occurred, I think, as I was tracing with the black pen.
This goes to prove that no one is perfect. Don’t be upset if it doesn’t go well the first time.
Just keep trying.


drawing male model face

Till next time.

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