drawing fashion croquis the easy way
Guide to fashion designing

Fashion Croquis Summary


The art of drawing fashion croquis has been taught on this blog and we’ve come to the end of the first phase of ‘A Guide to Fashion Designing’ — The Fashion Croquis.
To mark this end, I’ve decided to put up a summary, and links to the previous Fashion Designing posts. I’m also going to take you through one last process, a very easy way in drawing fashion croquis today.


drawing fashion croquis


  • First is the head. It should look like this; a sphere and a ‘U’.


easy way to draw fashion croquis




  • Next, draw a line down from the head.


drawing fashion croquis the easy way




  • Two lines with reasonable space between them should go across the vertical line. the lines are a guide for the shoulder and hips. one side of the shoulder goes a bit up, and the alternating hip goes a bit up too. This is because it is a walking figure. in mine, the left shoulder and the right hips are a bit up. As a result of this, it’s the left hand and the right hips that would be forward in the walking figure.



drawing fashion croquis the easy way




  • Again, use lines to illustrate the hands and legs. My left hand is forward, and the right leg is forward. The other line for the left leg, almost crosses it.


drawing fashion croquis the easy way




  • At this point, you draw the figure, with the lines as guide. From the neck to the feet.


drawing fashion croquis the easy way

drawing fashion croquis the easy way
drawing fashion croquis the easy way
And upclose 😉




  • You then erase the lines inside.


drawing fashion croquis the easy way




  • Go over with a black pen if you wish. You have your figure.


drawing fashion croquis the easy way

drawing fashion croquis the easy way


drawing fashion croquis the easy way




This method can be used to draw figures in different standing positions. You just need to use the lines as guide. For plus size models, just increase the width of the shoulder and hip line.

If you still need that I show you how to use this method for some other positions, just leave a comment below.


Fashion croquis are easy to draw with patience and knowledge. In the first of this series, I shared a post on motivation before you start. I believe you should start with reading that in this journey. I also shared why I decided to venture into fashion designing.

The Fashion Figure

The first tutorial on drawing fashion croquis that I took you through was the triangle and circle technique. This is also an easy way to get a figure done. In that same post, I also did a DIY envelope for keeping my drawings. Thereafter, I shared pictures of my sketches as well.

Next, we went to the more technical way on drawing fashion croquis. From the female fashion figure to the male fashion figure. This method features details and the use of lines to guide your drawing.


The Face

Moreover, I’m someone who had a bit of difficulty in drawing faces of my models. However, I put up a post on how you can perfect your female model face. It’s a step-by-step process. There’s also a post on the male model face.

I would’ve loved to share pictures of my different fashion figures with you, but I’m now in school and I kinda forgot those at home 🙈
I would only share the very few I drew again, using the easy way to drawing fashion croquis that I just took you through.
I’ll edit this post at a later date and add the pictures of the figures.


drawing fashion croquis the easy way



The next phase after drawing fashion croquis is clothing your model — shirts, skirts, folds, ruffles, gowns, and most of all you need to know.


Till next time.




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