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I’ve always been androgynous chic when it comes to fashion. I just never bothered exploring that side. Today is all about feminine androgynous fashion tips.

Androgynous fashion is a style that aims to avoid gender stereotype. The androgynous dress or style themselves to look like neither a typical boy nor a girl. (RebelCircus)

However, there’s the androgynous style that is described as more feminine and chic. It’s called by some, the feminine androgynous style, and this is what I’ll be taking you through today.



androgynous fashion tips


feminine androgynous style tips

Androgynous fashion is dressing without gender boundaries, feminine androgynous style tips shows you how to dress in an androgynous way, but leaning more towards the feminine side.

First of all, for feminine androgynous style, boyfriend staples such as the boyfriend shirt, boyfriend jeans are needed. Also, add a bit of feminine flair by wearing chic items like a charm bracelet, a red lipstick, skinny jeans with your boyfriend shirts, bait accessories, cute little bags, and the likes.


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Other tips to attaining a feminine androgynous style include:


1. Solids and Darker Tones

Opt for solids and darker or neutral shades when styling your clothes. colours like black, navy blue, nudes, would work well.


feminine androgynous style tips for women



2. But a Dash of Colour won’t hurt too

This is feminine androgynous style tips and we’re showing you how to still be feminine in your androgynous style. I talked about making a colour pop previously, and you need that here. what do I mean by a dash of colour?

Exhibit A: You could go all black with a pink clutch.

Exhibit B: a navy blue suit and a neon inner shirt or camisole.

Do you understand now?

Or Exhibit C: a multicoloured striped shirt like I wore here.


androgynous fashion



3. Shirt

From boyfriend shirts to crop shirts, and whatever. shirts are a good way to look androgynous any day. However, try taking a bit of risk by wearing it backwards like I did here.


feminine androgynous style tips chic



4. Waistcoats

A chic staple every girl should have. Can be worn with a skirt, trouser, shorts, gown, just to bring an edgy spice to your outfit.


feminine androgynous style tips



5. Shorts and Trousers

Need I say more?

To add a chic feminine feel, opt for culottes, a nice suit short, or a denim short. you could also wear skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans.


6. Minimalism

Keeping your style as minimalist as possible helps too. Just a shirt over some skinny jeans, a pair of sneakers on your feet, some neck chain, hair tossed around, and you’re good to go.


7. Shoe choice

Next thing is to go for chic yet androgynous shoes like brogues, Oxfords, sneakers, some sandals.


feminine androgynous fashion



Androgynous can be chic too. Just add your feminine spice to it. In feminine androgynous style, you can accessorize with those cute little pieces you have in your wardrobe. Make it fun too.


feminine androgynous fashion feminine androgynous fashion feminine androgynous fashion



Till next time



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    I love androgynous fashion!! Maybe because I was a tom-boy or still am, I dunno but I love the fact that you can look boyish without being all that boyish… Lol. I mean without cutting your hair or wearing ties and suit you could still add a subtle streak of masculinity on your outfit, You could start subtly by wearing those handbeads peculiar to men and then move over to trying out brogues and maybe then loose fitting jeans, it’s so easy to start.

    I love all that plus androgynous fashion is always comfy to me; the free baggy shirts and jeans, the flat shoes, the not-doing-much-but-still-looking cool, I love everything about it.

    I especially love how you styled your striped shirt though…is that the back? The baggy jeans and the sandals fit against each other. I’ve always loved waistcoats too but I’ve not yet figured how to style it so it looks really good on a busty girl so… But I’ll love to try wearing a neutral coloured waist coat on a double denim outfit or even pairing it with a mom jean and a T-shirt and a pair of brogues and go out mhen🙌🙌😋💪…. Boy, I dream😂😂.

    I love the post girl, weldone.

    • girleccentric

      Me too. I liked looking boyish with a touch of feminity. And like you said, the comfort of the wears is appealing. I particularly love boyfriend shirts, oversized tees and hoodies, and boyfriend jeans.

      Thanks a lot Golibe. That’s the back of the shirt; I wore it backwards. And for waistcoats looking good on busty girls.. Really?
      I never noticed that, I even thought it looks okay on not-so-busty people like ourselves too.
      Dream big my love… You’ve just given me outfit idea sef.

      Thanks for reading.


        I think you didn’t understand me, I meant that I haven’t figured a way to wear waistcoats on my busty skinny frame to avoid looking like a bag of beans.

        And ehmmm, we are not on the same sturvs at all. I’m not among your not-so-busty people/community. Bye!

        • girleccentric

          Oh.. My bad.
          Just read that again. It’ll still look good on you. I think one thing you shouldn’t do is button it up and maybe go for a darker shade first.
          Thanks for commenting and sorry for the delayed reply.

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