How To Survive Long Layovers

Travelling is fun. Just thinking of the places to explore alone, can give an adrenaline rush. Despite the fun of it all, it could come with a few discomforts. As much as one would love to explore the horizons, there could be a few downsides during the journey, especially while travelling by air. However traveling can’t be ruled out, especially with deals like the cheap flights to New York.

Air travel is so far, the fastest way to travel long distances, beyond borders. During a travel by air, some difficulties may arise. One of them is a long ‘layover’, and I’m going to give you tips on how to survive long layovers.



In scheduled transportation, a layover (also way station, or connection) is a point where a vehicle stops, with passengers possibly changing vehicle. In public transit, this typically takes a few minutes at a trip terminal. For air travel, where layovers are longer, passengers will exit the vehicle and wait in the terminal. (Wikipedia)

Layovers in air travel can be for a few hours, to over a day. Long layovers could be annoying but when you have something to take your mind off the wait, it could be bearable, and even productive.



How to survive long layovers


how to survive long layovers cheap flights to New York


A lot of us detest waiting; I do. However, what do you do when ‘forces’ beyond your control have made it so? What do you do when you find yourself in a layover, and a long one at that? Here are some tips on what to do during a long layover.

1. Know your schedule; stay prepared:

Before you run off to do anything, always do the needful. Know your schedule; when the next flight is, and what processes you would need to go through. Also, make sure your luggage is kept well and safe.


2. Prep for when you arrive:

This depends on the circumstances of the travel. Are you going for a vacation, commercial purpose, or otherwise? Try to prep for when you arrive at your destination. If there’s any work, arrangement or plans to be made, you could use this time to do that. Also, there could be something you need to triple-check on, maybe you need to make a list of resources you would need, or things to do, the waiting time could be used to do all of that. This takes off some burden of work from you when you arrive.


3. Catch some sleep:

There’s nothing like a good rest. Sometimes, travelling can get you exhausted, and one may need to rest the weary eyes. Try to get into a comfortable position and get a shuteye. Sleep is a good way to spend hours off your waiting time.


how to survive long layovers cheap flights to New York

4. Explore:

As long as there are no restrictions, and the period of the wait allows, you could go for a bit of an adventure in, and within the vicinity of the airport. Take a walk, go for a brief sightseeing, even window shopping. Explore the environment around you.



5. Surf the internet:

One big upside to the internet is that it provides a lot of ways and things one can wile away time on. Browse about something of interest, you could also browse and get more information on the destination and even the airline. Social media as well is ever present for you. You could catch up on your social media and internet ‘duties’.


6. Read a book:

I love reading. Sometimes I read two or three books simultaneously. If you are a Wattpad lover like myself, there are a lot of books within reach on that app. There’s also a post on my favorite Wattpad books.
Whether it’s a paperback or an e-book, reading a book; educative or recreational, fictional or non-fictional, can help make those hours of waiting bearable.


7. Make a friend:

Start a conversation with someone. From small talk about the weather, to discussions about the flight experience, passions and hobbies. Who knows, you may just walk out with a new best friend or a ‘soulmate’ if you get what I mean.


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Next time you’re traveling and you experience a layover, don’t hesitate to try these tips.


Till next time


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