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Angel sleeves Wraptop


I’ve never felt more like flying in this angel sleeves wraptop and guess what… It’s white. We’re doing justice to angel sleeves wraptop in this post, and we’re doing it in black and white.

Angel sleeves are a type of exaggerated sleeves that are wide, and usually very long. They hang loosely from the shoulder down, with long ‘tails’. They look like wings when the hands are held wide apart and vary in length.


styling an angel sleeves wraptop


angel sleeves wraptop

I’m wearing this angel sleeves white wraptop I got with the rest of my girl squad. I love how the sleeves just drape over my hands and I wasn’t kidding when I said I felt like flying.


styling an angel sleeves wraptop



I styled this wraptop two ways. Firstly, I wore it with a pencil skirt, and then, I wore it with a flared skirt.

(Read about wraptops)


I’m someone who loves wraptops, although I own none except this angel sleeves wraptop. However, I love seeing it on people and I like how it is styled differently. You could wear your wraptop with a pencil skirt, pleated skirt, circle skirt, a maxi skirt, Palazzo, culottes, shorts, skinny jeans, you just name it and it goes. Also your wraptop could be a crop top — a wrap crop-top.

Another thing I like about wraptop is how they cinch your waist.

I wanted a wraptop and I wanted something a bit different from some of the things I’ve seen around. My friends and I decided to go for white.



Styling my angel sleeves wraptop

I styled my wraptop with my with a black pencil skirt (because black and white 💁). I have a banana/rectangular shape and wearing this top with a pencil skirt wasn’t the best option for a person like me. it was a beautiful look, I didn’t mind it at all, I just felt like something wasn’t right. I styled this in school and got compliments about the top.

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styling an angel sleeves wraptop

styling an angel sleeves wraptop



For my second look, I opted for a flared skirt. Even now, I’m a bit conflicted about which I like better (which do you prefer?).

However this felt more flattering. I felt like twirling all around, to and fro. Along the line, I actually started twirling around on the road. I styled this at home.

In both looks, I went simple with less jewellery and makeup, and just let my outfit do the talking.


styling an angel sleeves wraptop

styling an angel sleeves wraptop

styling an angel sleeves wraptop



How else would you like me to style this? Which look do you prefer?


When going for a wraptop, try fun and different. I think my outfit is pretty basic, but yours doesn’t have to be. You can go with a different sleeve style. Try bishop sleeve, bell sleeves (I’ve never seen this on anyone) or layered sleeves. You could also try it in other  colours, ankara material, gingham, stripes, or polka dots. Choose how you accessorize too. You can decide to make the wraptop a statement piece, drawing attention to it and keeping every other thing simple and effortless.

In all your doings, be chic, comfortable and slay!


Till next time


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