K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face review Nigeria
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K Brothers USA beauty care soap review Nigeria – fade black spots on sensitive skin

Talked about how I ruined my skin with a failed skincare routine in this post but guess what? Skin is popping and the glow is on. Thanks to
K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face. This is not a sponsored post. I just had to talk about this ‘holy grail’.

In this post I’m going to do a K Brothers soap review in Nigeria and how it worked for my sensitive skin. It cleared the spots and brought back the glow. But careful… This soap can easily irritate your skin. This is why I’m also talking about how to use the K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face for sensitive skin. How to use the K brothers soap to work for your skin and fade black spots, even with our Nigerian weather and all.

K brothers soap USA review Nigeria for sensitive skin

The Soap

K Brothers soap comes in four types – K Brothers ‘Original’ Soap (the plain one), K Brothers Soap with Apricot, K Brothers Soap with Papaya (Extra Whitening) and K Brothers carrot soap.

K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face review Nigeria for sensitive skin
K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face review Nigeria for sensitive skin
K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face review Nigeria for sensitive skin

K Brothers ‘Plain’ Soap Review Nigeria

The one I used and I’m going to talk about today is the K brothers original Soap. This soap is in a packaging as seen in the picture above. It’s a yellow bar in a nylon once you open the pack.

The smell of this soap alone can buy your heart. One thing I love most about the K Brothers soap is that it makes my skin feel supple, hydrated, as though it’s already moisturized. You can literally feel it working on your skin.

The ingredients are stated on the pack as “Soap base, LG San DP 300 (), Perfume”. However, according to the description of the product I found on amazon K Brothers “USA Beauty Care Face Out For Black Spot is basic cleansing soap, a natural plant-based for skin whitening and anti-acne agent recognized by science as effective on stressed skin, whitening clear and smooth younger. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Aqua, Fragrance, Fd & C Brown. Directions: Apply onto your face or body or other effect areas, massage creamy into the skin with fingers, then rinse. Use twice daily. Weight: 50 g”.

Another thing to watch out for is the ‘prickling’ feeling it gives – almost like a burning sensation – on the face. It gets worse the longer the soap stays on the face. This is why I don’t advice anyone to leave the soap on for more that 2 minutes. Keeping it for a longer while can cause your skin to be irritated.

Where to get K Brothers Soap in Nigeria and Abroad

I never knew the soap was popular until I started using it. In Abuja Nigeria, you can get it in most cosmetic shops in our district markets. I get mine from Utako Market. You can also get the K Brothers soap on Jumia (click to shop).

The soap is also on Amazon (click to shop) and ebay (click to shop).

The standard price, which is the amount I got mine in Nigeria, is 300 naira only (about a dollar). This price is market price. Supermarkets and some stores may sell at higher price.

Making K Brothers Soap Work for You – How to use the soap

  1. Choose one and stick to it: I began with using the ‘plain’ K brothers soap. Once, I tried to use the Apricot type, but I didn’t get the same feeling or results and I was still breaking out. Therefore, I decided to stick to my plain K brothers soap.
  2. Your usage matters: Don’t use too regularly, switch it up. The soap has lightening effect. Except you wish to get lighter, after using the soap for two weeks, stop using it for a week or two weeks or so, before you continue. Switch it up that way.
    Also, don’t scrub your face too much, don’t scrub everyday. Scrub lightly for sensitive skin and do it twice in a week only. Once you rub the soap on your face, do not leave it on too long. Don’t leave it on for more than 2 minutes, and don’t leave it on everyday (see my routine in the next subheading). If you leave it on for too long, it can burn your skin. The soap gives a prickling feeling. Once this prickling becomes too much, rinse off immediately, even though 2 minutes is not yet exhausted.
  3. Use once daily (during baths) if you have very sensitive skin (I keep emphasizing – this soap can easily irritate your skin if not used well)
  4. In case of burns, rub Shea butter on affected areas. My skin got irritated once and I put a cold towel on it, then followed up with shea butter.
  5. Moisturize!If you don’t have a good moisturizer, use Shea butter in light amounts, but not everyday.
K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face review Nigeria for sensitive skin

How K Brothers soap changed my face in two months – My Routine

I used the soap even as I directed you all to use it above. This is my specific routine:

First, I rinse my face with warm water. This I do because I believe it opens up my pores. Twice in a week, I use a warm wet face towel, rub the soap in, and scrub my face — not harshly. I do this after rinsing my face with the warm water. I rinse it off.

Next, I rub the K Brothers soap on my palm and rub the lather on my face, massaging with my finger tips. On the days I don’t scrub my face with the towel, I just go from rinsing face with warm water to massaging soap lather on face (skipping number two. Remember: Don’t scrub your face everytime. It irritates the skin. I scrub mine lightly only two twice in a week, as I stated above).

I choose to either leave the lather on for a while, or rinse it off immediately. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Most times, I don’t because the soap can easily irritate your skin. If you choose to leave the soap on your face, don’t do so for more than two minutes.

Another thing is that I wasn’t using this soap twice daily. Just once. My skin is easily irritated. I try to avoid that. If you know you have sensitive skin, use this soap once in a day. You would still see results. I also use my DR RASHEL black peel off mask to exfoliate at least once a week, but not more than twice a week. I got it 2,500 naira at the market. You can get it on Jumia (click to shop).

The K Brothers Glow

Before K Brothers Soap

Before K Brothers Soap

After K Brothers

K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face review Nigeria for sensitive skin
K brothers soap USA beauty care face out for black spot mask on face review Nigeria for sensitive skin

When to expect results

I started seeing results from 3 weeks of usage. After 2 months, my skin became as clear as seen in the pictures above. Expect a change from about a month of usage.

Have you used this soap or heard of it?

Leave a comment below.

Till next time…



  • Oluchi

    I must say, the effects look real good. I have a patient heart so I can easily wait for months to see a result when I’m certain there’ll be a positive result. Amazing review!

        • girleccentric

          I wrote about that in the usage as well. It has lightening effect. So you used for like two weeks, and stop using for about a week or two.
          Also, the burning sensation most times occurs during the first days of usage. Sometimes it occurs when you scrub your face and leave the soap on.
          The thing is, never let that sensation get too much. That’s why I said don’t leave it on for more than two minutes, three max. When you scrub your face, and after a while the burning feeling starts getting too much, rinse it off immediately because it may burn your skin.

          The soap does have lightening effect. However, you can retain your colour by switching it up. It doesn’t have any ‘after’ effect that comes when you stop using the soap. So use for a week or two, and stop for another week or two. I think most soaps for black spots actually have lightening effect. You can retain your complexion by mixing it up like I said before.

          Thank you for stopping by 🤗

    • girleccentric

      The soap has lightening effect as it fades scars. However, based on my experience, it doesn’t bleach. I’ve been using it for a while now, I noticed my face got lighter (more like clearer) at the beginning, but it hasn’t gotten any lighter since then.
      What I believe it does is bring out your glowing complexion and fade scars. It doesn’t bleach based on my experience.

      Thank you for leaving a comment..

      • girleccentric

        It depends on the face cream you are using. Some products could react to other products.
        You need not stop using the face cream. It’s even good to moisturize after using the soap.
        As long as you follow the usage I’ve written and you’re cream doesn’t react when used with other products, you’re old to go.
        Basically, you can use your face cream after the soap. However, the moment you notice any sort of reaction with the cream, stop usage. From my own personal experience, I apply face moisturizer or Shea butter after washing my face with the soap, and I’ve not experienced any reaction. It works for me.


    • girleccentric

      In my post, I talked about how I stuck to the plain original K Brothers soap, because out of experience, I noticed that the other types may react differently when you use them.

      Stick to the plain K Brothers. The one shown in the pictures.
      Also, if you use any other product on your face, check them. They might be reacting to the soap or if you just started using something new, maybe you’d need to stop.

      If it’s the plain K Brothers that’s causing acne, then stop usage.

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