10 fashion risks and style risks everyone should take
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10 Fashion and Style Risks to Take – featuring Nigerian fashion bloggers

I believe in people that are able to take fashion risks once in awhile. I mean.. Look at Zendaya and Badgirl Riri.. Why do they standout in the world of fashion? The take fashion risks… Like insane style risks that we all may not easily pull off. TheFashionSpot.com tells us why it is important to take fashion risks – Fashion risks get you noticed, provides escapism, teaches you not to be afraid, it is fun, it helps flex your creativity and helps to express one’s self (thefashionspot).
So I’m starting with basic and easy fashion risks everyone should take, style risks for everyone and trends to jump in on this year; and this includes the men. I’m showing fashion risks to take and inspiration from our Nigerian bloggers on how to take them. We are taking style risks and looking good in them.


The pictures do not all belong to me, but we’re curated from the respective instagram accounts as shown in the pictures below, except stated otherwise. The link to the instagram accounts are in the captions.

10 fashion risks and style risks everyone should take

Fashion Risks Everyone Should Take

1. All red

Red is my best colour and I write about it every chance I get. Wearing head-to-toe red is a fashion risk because this colours demands to be noticed and worn with confidence. I wrote about how red is a life saver and I’m here with the sermon of red. We can’t get enough of it.

Now, I urge you all. Go from wearing just one red piece of clothing to wearing everything in red. All eyes would be on you, and you are going to feel so good about it. Just like Bruno Mars said in 24Karat Magic, we’re giving the colour red the blues…

2. Hair and Beauty Frenzy

We are taking style risks with our hair, makeup and nails. We are wearing bold lip colours and colourful nails, bold hair colours, ankara headwraps and wearing beads. Our hair is bigger and our hair accessories, bolder. Forgive us if we obstruct your view.

Hair and beauty is bigger, better and ‘badder’.

3. Retro Fashion

Jump in on the retro/vintage fashion trend. We’re all going retro.
How do you do this?
Throw some round-framed or cat-eye shades in. Wear socks in heels, wear some vintage and dark colours, look quirky. Try putting on a beret with your outfit or tying a bandanna around your neck. Where are your hoop earrings? Put them on too. Wear it vintage, wear it old school. Take a style risk.

4. Bold Prints and Patterns

Why don’t you go on and look like a splash of prints and patterns. It’s pretty, cool and fun. This year, we’re embracing our rebel sides; taking fashion risk. Wearing bold prints and bold patterns is one true way to do it.

But don’t take my word alone for it… Watch our Nigerian fashion bloggers give you the sauce in this aspect.

5. Neon, Colours and Colour Blocking

I’ve made so much noise about colour blocking on my blog. With two insightful posts on colour blocking, and even a monthly theme, it is clear the colour blocking is here to stay. Also, bold colours are in. Bright colours on dark skin, bold colours on every skin and neons for the fearless. You get to feel full of life with these burst of colours. It’s a fashion risk to take for everyone.

6. Metallics, Sequins and Shimmers

Don’t restrict your metallics to your accessories alone. Wear a silver dress, or something with sequins. Sparkle like a disco ball or a night sky full of stars. Look like the party yourself. Shimmers, shine, and everything glossy is one fashion risk to take as a fashionista.

7. Suit up

And I’m not talking just suits… I mean pants suits, boss suits
I don’t know about you all, but I love a man in a suit; and a woman, even more. Suit up with a twist. Mix prints, wear it with Tees, colour block with it or wear it in one bold colour or wear it with sneakers.

So suit up and suit up well..

8. Polka dots

Why don’t you feel all flirty and playful with this prints?
Polka dots is a really fun print. It’s a polka risk to be taken.
And I love how Princess Audu does it.

9. Squad Goals

Twin up with your squad and you all should go out looking like the same being. Trust me, it’s not old school to wear matching outfits with your bffs.

10. Oversized, Extra, and Exaggerated

This is a favourite of mine. I love it baggy, I love it free, I love it extra, and I love it exaggerated. There are so many ways to take on this fashion risk. Wear two sizes bigger, exaggerated and fun sleeves. Be extra and dramatic. Once in a while, you need to channel that dramatic side in you.

One easy way is to go with oversized tops and jackets. Another way is to wear extra flared palazzos. Watch the style risk dose from Nigerian fashion bloggers.

Watch out for this post my dear readers. I’m going to be taking on each of these fashion risks one at a time, right here on my blog. Stay tuned.

A place where all these bloggers meet is thebloggersadvocate. You’re a Nigerian blogger and you don’t know about thebloggersadvocate? Well what are you waiting for? Check out their instagram and blog site, and join the family.

Till next time… Leave a beautiful comment below. Which other fashion risk do you want to see me undertake?



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