dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen
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5 Steps to Looking Like a Fashion Drama Queen

You know one thing Rihanna and Zendaya have in common? (I always use these two as examples) They are both fashion drama queens. While Rihanna’s may be over-the-top, Zendaya’s is more of a subtle drama. I define my style as effortless drama, simple elegance, and professionalism. Now I’m going to show you 5 steps to having a dramatic style, how to dress dramatic and how to look like a fashion drama queen. This post is also in honour of my post on fashion risks to take. Here, I am taking the 2nd risk of ‘Hair and Beauty Frenzy’.

Having a Dramatic Style

Where are my drama queens? There you are! And there’s nothing wrong with being dramatic in fashion. I love simplicity, but once in a while, the creative, over-the-top and dramatic fashion blogger and designer in me comes out, and I love every second of it. Today is all about being dramatic — the show-stopping, jaw-dropping, head-turning and heartbeat-skipping looks — and how to attain it while still being simple and sweet…
Well if you want things to get complicated… Here’s what to do..

dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen

5 steps to looking like a fashion drama queen

How do you dress dramatic? The essence of dressing in a dramatic way is to command attention. My favorite quote about this is

People would stare, make it worth their while.

Harry Winston

Give people something to look at. Also, another favourite is by Coco Chanel

Dress Shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.

Coco Chanel

With these few quotes to convince you, let’s get down to the 5 steps to looking like a fashion drama queen and having a dramatic style.

how to look dramatic

1. Structured and tailored

Fashion drama queens know what they are doing when they assemble clothes. One way to make sure your dramatic attempt doesn’t go south is by ensuring your outfit has a structure. When I say structure, I mean your clothes should not be too big, not too small, but the perfect size. If what you’re going for is an over-sized exaggerated look, then make sure you pair it well so that it all falls in line. A quick tip when doing over-sized fashion is that you pair an over-sized with a fitted. For example, wearing a sweater with a waist-cinching pencil skirt; or wearing a body-con turtle neck top with mom jeans.

Also, ensure your clothes are properly tailored. Nothing looks more drab than poorly-tailored outfits.

dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen
dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen

Statement pieces and jewellery

Give your outfit a focal point. One statement piece and everything else is kept simple. A statement piece could be your hair (as in mine), your jewellery, the bright colour of your skirt, your bag, or your shoes. This statement piece should take all the attention, the remaining items of your outfit should be relatively simpler. For my look, I decided to let my afro wig be the statement piece. Also, notice my pearl necklace just standing out.

Statement pieces are clothing items that help you make a statement. When you wear them, you should feel like you’re adding this extra personal touch to your outfit, to make it more you. The main function of these pieces is to express your personality. They are unique, catchy, and proper to your character. In a well-built wardrobe, you should have around 3-4 statement pieces that you alternate from time to time.

The Soul’s Garment

Basically, a statement piece takes your outfit from drab to fab — from ordinary to extraordinary; from plain to eye-catching. It’s a piece no one can help but notice — something to attract all the attention

dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen
dramatic style and afro wigs

Materials and fabrics

To infuse drama in your style, your outfit should feature striking material, prints, patterns, or colours. Your outfit need not feature a lot of colours or prints. You could go fun and playful with prints, patterns or colour-blocking, or you could opt for one striking and bold colour. Black, red and navy or midnight blue could be your bestfriends.

dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen

In makeup, bold lips are the go-to.

One easy way to a dramatic makeup is a bold lipstick colour. Drown your lips in colour, also practice the simple art of pouting and smile more.

dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen
afro wig

Be Creative and Be Confident

Are there two pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that you have never tried pairing together because you feel “nah…these don’t go together”? Well good news! Today you’re going to find a fun and creative way to pair them up.

In a recent post, I talked about going on styleventures (a portmanteau word for style adventures). I love challenging myself to come up with different ways to style a clothing item and mix colours. Let me tell you what I tell my friends – any two colours can go together, you just have to figure out how. That’s why I love colour-blocking so much.

Most importantly, be confident. I know this is cliche but, if you are confident about the stuff you wear, and you wear it like it’s nobody’s business, people are going to think it’s a trend. As long as you know you look good, you need to walk like you look good. When you feel people staring, give them something to look at – strut it, sway your hips, smile, flip your hair, you are a fashion drama queen.

dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen
dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen

Go and may the drama be with you… What do you think about my look here? Could you see yourself being a fashion drama queen? Leave a lovely comment.

Till next time..

how to look dramatic
dramatic style and steps to looking like a fashion drama queen

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  • Tega

    This was great to read and I certainly learnt a lot of tips. Your hair is beautiful too 😍 I cannot wait till my hair looks like that, but till then, kinky wigs. You should do a post on your hair regimen or it’s available already? First time reader and I really enjoyed this, don’t stop. ❤

    • girleccentric

      Thank you very much dear..
      We are in the same boat together o 😂
      It is ‘kinky wigs till the hair grows…’
      Let this one not deceive you.. It’s a wig.
      Just realized that I never wrote that it’s a wig, so I’m going to edit the post and put it there.
      Thank you very much for stopping by and for the compliments.
      I hope you like it here..

  • Chinasa Afigbo

    Good post with beautiful pictures.
    I mentioned you in my recent post, where I have nominated you for Mystery Blogger award. You do deserve that . Please check up my recent post for details 💓

  • Sharon Peters

    Wait. First off, you are so pretty!!
    And yes, I live for drama. Whether on fashion, words or real life. Life cannot be boring for me. So, yes drama on clothes.
    But the hair, girl!!! Only few could do that. I have a big head on its own

    • girleccentric

      Thank you so much…
      I used to say I have a big head too.. I think i do. But if you have a big head, then it’s meant to be big.
      In art, the length of the head is half the length of the shoulders. If the length of the head is 9inches, the shoulder is likely to be 18inches.
      So you have the right size of head for your body. You probably have broad shoulders. I have broad shoulders too. Thing is first day I wore this wig, I tied it with a scarf because I thought my head was too big. The day I left it out, I got a lot of compliments… And some sarcastic comments too. But the compliments outweighed the sarcasm. I love the hair.
      And if my head is big, so what? That’s the drama I need.. I’m giving colour and spice to an otherwise bland world…

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting love..

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