why yo never have anything to wear
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Why You Never Have Anything To Wear

Picture 13 year-old me tossing out everything in my box, looking for what to wear to church and I never know what to wear. My grandma even told me that they reason I can’t find what to wear was that I had too much clothes. To some extent, that didn’t make sense to me. Now, it makes more sense. I had so many clothes but nothing to wear. Maybe you’re like me. You’ve gone through your wardrobe and your boxes lay open on your bed, yet you go “I don’t know what to wear” or “I have nothing to wear”. Here’s why you never have anything to wear and what to do.

Stay with me, I have a solution for you.

Why do I never find anything to wear?

why you never have anything to wear and what to do

1. Your wardrobe is filled with extravagance

You know how I told you my grandma said the reason I can’t find what to wear is I have too much clothes. She was right in some sense. I had too much ‘irrelevant’ and ‘complicated’ clothes that just played no function.

Some of you, your wardrobe is filled with so much extravagance and statement pieces, and extravagance + extravagance doesn’t always go together. You need simpler basic pieces. You need staples. A fashion staple is a wardrobe essential and basics that easily complete a look; such as blue jeans, black pencil skirt.

For a few months, decide you are only going to purchase things in solids, neutral colors, and without so much design. These things are easier to wear. You can wear a plain black pencil skirt over and over again with almost everything, whereas, you can’t wear that print skirt with a side ruffle over and over again with anything.

when you have nothing to wear

2. You have too much basics in your wardrobe

Some of you, the reverse of number 1 is your case. You’re wardrobe is filled with so much basic, simple and plain items that every outfit looks the same. So when you’re invited to a party, you would have nothing to wear.

When Shopping you balance it up. Buy some statement pieces, and then some simpler pieces you can pair with the statement pieces. Fashion is a balance. Too much of anything kills the style.

Quick Tip:

Before you buy any fashion item, think of how you can pair that item with something already in your wardrobe. Think of two or three ways you could style it before you buy it. Except you just want to buy ‘for haves sake’.

3. You’re hoarding your clothes

Baby girl, you just gotta let go. What occasion are you saving it for? Wear the outfit and then wear it again for that occasion if you please…no one is going to die because of it. You’re never going to find what to wear if you keep saving what you have for a latter event that might never come or you might not go to. Wear the outfit. There’s no such thing as being overdressed. Every other person is just under-dressed

why do I have nothing to wear

4. Your style has changed, but your wardrobe hasn’t.

Maybe back in the days, your mom used to shop for you and she got you all these cute little outfits. Now you’re all grown up, and you discovered your style is the ‘classy and simple’ or even androgynous, and those clothes don’t resonate that.

What you need now my love, is a cleansing. A wardrobe purge. Get rid of the clothes that you don’t see your self wearing and you may never wear. So that you won’t be deceived by the amount of clothes in your wardrobe, when you only wear 20 percent of them.

Write a list of staples and statement pieces or trends that reflect your style and items you need. With each piece of cloth you write, make sure you have at least 3 ways of styling each item.

5. Or you’re just indecisive 🤷 cos you have a lot you can wear

Pick an outfit and stop looking. You have an outfit you can wear, and you’re sure it looks good, then stop looking.

This is all I have to say here.

why you never have anything to wear

What to Do When You Can’t Find Anything to Wear

1. Get inspiration

This is like the first thing to do when you can’t find anything to wear. Whether it is to work, school, a party or church. Follow fashion blogs and influencers. If you see an outfit you like on someone and you remember you have similar items in your wardrobe to recreate it, you can keep a picture. There are styling apps such as Polyvore and Stylebook for iOS and Smart Closet for Andriod. See some apps on this site.

If you have nothing to wear to a party, brunch or to work, I have a post on timeless dresses and outfit ideas for those dresses that might be helpful.

2. Go on style adventures

I call it styleventures. Practice wearing a fashion item in different ways just as I did with my angel sleeves wraptop. It creates more outfit ideas for you. Maybe some day you have not much doing, go to your wardrobe and try creating different outfits. I do this a lot, especially when unpacking my box once I’m back from school. See basic fashion risks every one should take and get some inspiration.

what to do when you can't find what to wear
what to do when you never find what to wear

Also try this technique:

I do this to ensure I wear all the clothes in my wardrobe once in awhile and I’m not recycling a few.
Here’s what I do:
I select all the clothes I’ve recently worn and keep wearing over again, and put them at the bottom in my box, or far away in my wardrobe — anywhere I wouldn’t easily reach them — and I put those I rarely wear up and easy to reach. The goal then becomes to style those I rarely wear for whatever outing I may have.
It challenges me to be creative with my styling. Also, when I do that, I see the styling potential in clothes that I didn’t see before. So next time, I have more outfit options, because now, I know how to style the clothes right, and not just abandon them in my wardrobe.

3. Shop for something new and this time, useful.

Go out and get a wardrobe staple that could complete your outfit easily. These staples are most times, relatively cheaper than other items. The good thing is that you can easily wear it with another outfit that might save you some day.

Now…I hope this post helps and you rarely have the problem of never finding what to wear from this day on.

Till Next time.

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  • Amaka

    This was actually really apt and helpful! I could relate to all the reasons why I never have anything to wear, but I’m glad that earlier this month I went clothes shopping and man! All the new additions to my wardrobe have me tingling. My issue was majorly having clothes I was hoarding for sentiments etc. I now have a variety – jeans, lace, colours, patterns. Best money ever spent. This post is highly useful with the tips!


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