On Remaining on the Fence – ambiversion

I, in particular, seem to have a double rollercoaster ride and I don’t know who’s in this with me. I was once told that I exist as an irony. The opposite of myself — Introvert and extrovert, rude and polite, friendly and snobbish, lively and dull, confident but to some (still don’t get how), shy. I think I’m on the fence; neither one or the other…existing as both at the same time — ambiversion. 

A Guide to Fashion Designing – drawing female model templates

I’ve taken you through an easy way to draw a template using the triangle and oval technique, I’ve taught on frills, and drawing male templates, even on motivation before you start. Today’s post is on the more technical way — as I like to call it — of drawing female model templates. It’s quite easy. Make sure you check the male model templates tutorial where I first used this technique. The female version is alike, with a few differences.

Red is a Life Saver

I am here with a sermon of sorts…the doctrine of The Beauty of Red. I love seeing women explore colours of a large variety, although the absence of it happens to be my favorite.
Next to my heart is the colour red, and don’t we just love the beauty of Red. ♥️
For this critical analysis, I acquired various pictures of people, men and women, to buttress my points. “When in doubt, wear red” Bill Blass

A Guide to Fashion Designing – Motivation before you start

how to make your own DIY personalized envelope

I should have done this as my first Fashion Designing post, but it’s better late than never. When people say they can’t draw, I ask them, howbeit in my mind sometimes, “have you tried, and tried, and tried, and sought for other ways and you didn’t find?”
I believe that if you have a dream, and you’re sure that is what you want to do, you work till you get there. I’m bringing inspiration on other ways to illustrate your designs, without so much hassle about drawing.