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Black is the New Red

consider this a post on my bestfriend – Black. It is said that the Little Black Dress (LBD) is a woman’s bestfriend. Before I get into the fashion aspects of things, let me give you a quick recap of my dinner from when I arrived till the end. The department of Law, Bowen University, Iwo, Osun state, Nigeria, held it’s law dinner on April 27th, 2018.
In Nigeria, we feel a party is not complete without free (and good) food. This is one aspect I was impressed with during the dinner. The event was scheduled for 2pm, but I arrived ‘fashionably late’; about 3pm.

My Attempt at Skincare Blew up in my Face (you may be hurting your skin)

I’ve always wanted a skincare regimen that would work for me. Well I found one that didn’t work for me. I reacted to things easily, so I wanted something natural-based.
After a bit of research, I heard of the African Black Soap (Dudu Osun). Consider this a Black Soap experience too. Black soap is supposedly natural, so I felt I’d have no problem with it.

On Remaining on the Fence – ambiversion

I, in particular, seem to have a double rollercoaster ride and I don’t know who’s in this with me. I was once told that I exist as an irony. The opposite of myself — Introvert and extrovert, rude and polite, friendly and snobbish, lively and dull, confident but to some (still don’t get how), shy. I think I’m on the fence; neither one or the other…existing as both at the same time — ambiversion.